William H. Nix

        2017 Candidate for ATU Local 268

        President/Business Agent


9/2017:  Bylaw Amendment

The Union proposes increasing union dues with a bylaw amendment while, at the same time, asking to increase costs by increasing the negotiation committee and increasing payments to the VP, and giving the Financial Secretary Treasurer complete control over officer elections even though he is a candidate in the election.

9/2017:  Members Vote to Protect Their Raise

7 months after the RTA failed the pay the full negotiated wage increase for Feb. 2017, the union finally gives them a chance to vote on whether to arbitrate this contractual breach.

7/31/2017:  Contract Expiration Date

ATU 268's Collective Bargaining Agreement with the RTA expired July 31, 2017.

Summer 2017:  "Dream Team" Seeks Dues Increase

Despite failing to protect our contracted raises, agreeing to changes to our medical, working second jobs and double dipping, the "Dream Team" starts to float a proposal to increase the dues we pay them.

2/2017:  RTA Fails to Pay Negotiated Wage

Although we voted on a contract that provided us with a 3% raise in 2/2016 if the RTA's sales tax and fares met or exceeded 3%, the RTA only gave us 2%.

11/12/2015:  CBA Signed.

The "Dream Team" signed off on a new CBA, introducing healthcare deductibles and other changes to our healthcare.

10/19/2015:  Second Attempt at Same Proposal

The "Dream Team" brought back to the members essentially the same contract proposal that had already been voted down, arguing they could do no better.

9/10/2015:  Membership Rejects Contract Proposal

The "Dream Team" brought a contract proposal to the members, asking for dramatic changes to the healthcare with no corresponding benefits to the members.  Several of the "Dream Team" were not covered by the RTA's healthcare.  The members voted the proposal down, instructing the union to come back with a better proposal.

1/2015:  "Dream Team" Takes Office

The "Dream Team" stepped into office, dramatically reducing the service level of the Union, taking photo ops with the RTA, promising Thanksgiving Turkeys, reductions in assessments, and that they would obtain huge successes in our contract by working with the RTA rather than standing up to the RTA.

email:     williamatu268@yahoo.com

phone:    216-299-1186

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As the heading of this website indicates, this is not the official website of ATU Local 268 or endorsed by Local 268, but rather the website of William H. Nix, candidate for President of ATU Local 268.  It would be unlawful for our Local or International to endorse any candidate, just as it would be unlawful for any union officer to campaign on union time.

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